How long does the FurEver Brite collar glow?

A certified lab test was performed by UMC on 2/16/11. The FurEverBrite collar was found to emit visible light up to 44 hours after five minutes of exposure to a xenon lamp.  In other words, after just a few minutes in sunlight, the collar will glow all night.


What is the test strength of the collar?

The FurEver Brite Safety Glow Collars have been tested by Intertek Laboratories in Pittsfield, MA. The pull breaking point on the small/medium collars averaged 71 lbs. and for the medium/large collars averaged 132 lbs. Pull strength of an animal is not how much it weighs but rather how hard it pulls. The collars were also tested for tensile strength and at break point the average was 687 PSI. For strong or large dogs it is recommended to use the FurEver Brite Collar in addition to a traditional collar and attach the leash to the regular collar.

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How do I know what size collar to purchase for my pet?

Measure your pet’s neck and choose the collar that corresponds to his or hers neck size.  The collars can be easily cut to accommodate all breeds. The smaller size is ideal for breeds like Yorkies, Malteses, Chihuahuas, Cockers, and Westies. The Larger size fits breeds such as Goldens, Shepherds, Rotties, and Labs. The large size is also recommended for breeds with thick, fluffy coats such as Chow Chows.


Is the collar suitable for cats?

The buckle is a bit bulky and recommended for large breed cats. As long as your cat has a neck size of at least 7 inches (not including fur), the Small/Medium size collar will fit.  The collar does not have a break away feature but is flexible on a cat’s neck.


What is the collar made of?

The FurEver Brite collar is made of a nontoxic, high strength silicone base and a nontoxic phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark pigment. The flexible part will rip if punctured, with nails or teeth for example.


Can I use this as a tie down collar?

The FurEver Brite Collar was designed to maximize glow power over time, thus effecting the strength integrity.  Although strong it is not recommended for use as the primary collar for a leash, tie down or line.


Why is the buckle hard to clamp down?

The FurEver Brite collar’s buckle was designed this way to ensure that it will stay clasped.  It will clamp down when pushed with pressure on the non-hinged end of the clasp. The silicone will tear if punctured, therefore a traditional buckle would not work.


Will the I.D. Tag in the picture be included with my collar?

Yes.  As an extra bonus, each FurEver Brite Collar will include one FREE I.D. Tag already attached.